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A brief discussion on the installation of key points and matters in the distribution box of home distribution boxes

Date:2017/7/21 19:23:22

1. There are two kinds of junction box and plastic case junction box for family distribution box, which have both the open and the dark ones, and the boxes of the boxes must be intact.

2. The wiring bus in the box of the junction box of the family distribution box shall set up the zero line, protect the ground wire and the phase line respectively, and shall be in good condition and with good insulation.

3. The installation seat of the air switch should be clean and clear and have sufficient space. It should be installed in a dry, ventilated area with no obstructions and easy to use. Never install the distribution box in the box in case of fire.

4. The power distribution box should not be installed too high, and the general installation elevation is 1.8 meters, so as to operate; The tube must be fixed with a locking nut.

5, if domestic distribution box with junction box to open hole, the edge of the hole should be smooth, bright and clean, distribution box with junction box into the wall should be vertical, horizontal, leave 5 ~ 6 mm edge cracks, the connection of distribution box should rule, neat, terminal screws must be tightened.

6, into the line must have enough length of each circuit, and can not have joint, installed indicate use the name of each circuit, and the family distribution box with junction box installation must clean up after the completion of distribution box to use the remains of terminal box.

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