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A Variety of Foam We Can Offer

Date:2021/11/22 9:06:09

There is no doubt that custom foam inserts do help to develop the value of cases and they make each item specific, which will improve customers' satisfaction in a great extent. The commonly used foam materials are EPE, PU & EVA. Let's take a quick look at them.

1. EPE

It is of low cost but with excellent heat insulation. Its softness allows you to place products into custom cutouts more flexibly. If you're looking for a cheaper option, it cannot be more suitable!

EPE foam

2. PU

High elasticity is a crucial factor that makes it quite popular among our customers. Such a kind of lightweight insert also enables cases with foam to be portable. And we serve it at the moderate price.

PU foam_WPS图片

3. EVA

It's recommended for storing heavy products because of the high density and good shockproof performance. Either of two patterns can be chosen and there isn't any price difference. They both look very nice!

a. embossed EVA

embossed EVA

b. flat EVA

flat EVA

It's harder than EPE & PU but costly. Besides, there're three kinds of hardness, which provides you with more possiblities to find the right material!

We hope the above illustrations work for you.

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