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Plastic toolbox characteristics analysis

Date:2022/1/17 8:25:57

The plastic toolbox is made of high quality plastic that is lightweight, durable and strong. The plastic toolbox uses a variety of different space divisions, so it can be adapted to a variety of maintenance tools and small maintenance parts, suitable for mobile engineering operations, so it can be easier and simpler to work.

Product Features of the Plastic Toolbox:
1. The new ABS engineering plastic case is sturdy and durable. 2. It is suitable for the production and maintenance tools of various models, which is convenient for the placement and finishing of spare parts, and the storage design is reasonable. 3. Complete specifications, 13", 16", 19". 4. Widely used in factory operations, workshop maintenance operations, outdoor maintenance operations. 5. Catching box design, light weight, easy to carry.

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