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How to choose the right aluminum case

Date:2022/1/26 13:40:55

The aluminum box is convenient for us to carry items. The size is determined according to the size and size of our own items. How to choose the right aluminum box after determining the size?

From the point of view of portability, choose the aluminum case for the tie rod. If it is relatively small, it is a portable aluminum case. No matter which kind of carrier is more convenient, in order to save energy, choose to pull. The inside of the aluminum box is satin, flannel, EVA. At the same time, the lining material in the box can be equipped with different fabrics, different color linings and various high-quality sponges according to the user's requirements; according to the actual needs of the users, the hard sponges in the box can be processed and customized into various shapes, so that the equipment and Its accessories are embedded in it.

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