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The importance of the internal structure of the aluminum case

Date:2022/2/15 15:10:03

The inside of the aluminum box is supported by the bracket structure. Although the interior is empty, the anti-seismic measures should be done well, and the protection items will not be damaged by the bumps of the distance. The shockproof inner tank has important value at this time.

The anti-vibration liner is made of a groove on the anti-vibration material that conforms to the shape of the object, so that the article can be properly inserted into the lining. The inner liner is completely determined according to the shape of the article to be placed in the aluminum box, and has various shapes such as a rectangular shape and a three-dimensional shape. The items can not be shaken, squeezed, and collided in the box, so that the contents of the box can be protected very effectively. The production of aluminum boxes is indispensable for these internal materials, and the internal structure constitutes a high-quality box.

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