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Polishing process of aluminum box surface

Date:2022/2/21 9:46:10

Electrolytic polishing

Electropolishing refers to the special anodizing of an aluminum box in a solution of a certain composition to obtain a smooth, shiny surface finishing process. It can be used for surface preparation before electroplating of products, as well as for finishing after plating, and as an independent finishing method for aluminum surface.

Chemical polishing

Chemical polishing is a method of eliminating the wear scar and etching and flattening by the selective etching of chemically etched chemical agents on the uneven surface of the sample surface. The chemical polishing equipment is simple and can handle thin tubes, deep holes and complex shapes, and has high production efficiency. Chemical polishing can be used as a plating pretreatment process, or it can be used directly after polishing to remove the necessary protective measures. For example, in the mainstream application of "aluminum mirror polishing liquid", aluminum polishing liquid is one of the series of chemical frosted mirror polishing technology, and belongs to the improved product of aluminum alloy triacid polishing technology.

When the aluminum box is used, if the surface is covered with scratches, it can also be repaired by polishing.

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