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Advantages of aluminum profile housing

Date:2022/2/28 13:26:34

First, the advantages of aluminum profile housing:

1 aluminum profile shell plasticity is better. The aluminum profile shell is filled with various alloying elements and can forge a relatively high quality aluminum alloy or a well-processed aluminum alloy.

2 aluminum profile shell conductivity is better. It is not wrong to use aluminum profiles for heat conduction. More importantly, it is suitable for conductivity, second only to copper.

3 aluminum profile shell has high hardness and light weight. This is the biggest advantage of the aluminum profile housing, as this property can lead to the aluminum profile housing being commonly used for life to military activities.

4 aluminum profile housing is cheap. This is one of the reasons for the widespread use of aluminum profiles.

Second, the factors affecting the outer shell of aluminum profiles

The main factor that mainly affects the aluminum profile shell is temperature. Generally speaking, in the low temperature environment, the physical structure and chemical structure of the aluminum profile shell will be destroyed, the original covalent bond will be destroyed, and the crystal will change, resulting in a sharp decline in plasticity, making the aluminum profile shell more brittle, resulting in aluminum. The profile housing is deformed.

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