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Reasons for affecting the quality of the aluminum casing

Date:2022/3/16 9:12:19

In the process of producing aluminum casing, the aluminum shell processing manufacturer will have some fine granular objects on the surface of the profile. The presence of such fine particles will cause some flaws in the surface of the aluminum casing, and there will be some slight Feel, if you don't observe it carefully or touch it by hand, you can't observe it. This small flaw will greatly affect the beauty and appearance of the surface when oxidizing and electrophoretic painting and spraying of the profile. What is the cause of the quality of the aluminum casing?

The aluminum casing is produced under high temperature conditions. The aluminum casing is produced too fast and the cooling strength is relatively large, which causes some elements in the alloy to not be converted into the required elements within the specified time. Because of the presence of needle-like structures in this material, the hardness is relatively high and the plasticity is poor. Moreover, the tensile strength of this manufacturing process is very low, and yellow rust not only occurs at a high temperature, but also cracks appear. The aluminum casing thus produced will have the presence of granular burrs. If the burrs are not cleaned, there will be a bad hand feeling. The granules are often accompanied by a smear tail, which is observed under the microscope. Moreover, the color of this impurity is gray and contains a lot of iron.

Impurities in the aluminum casing will also affect the operation of the entire casing. In the process of casting, the aluminum casing will be insufficiently replenished, and the soil, the refining agent, the covering agent and the powder coating are all mixed with the oxide film impurities. This causes the quality of the aluminum casing to be reduced.

In the current application of aluminum casing can be seen everywhere, how to make the aluminum casing for a long time has become a concern of everyone, then how to maintain the aluminum casing?

Pay attention to cleaning. Although the aluminum casing has the advantage of being difficult to rust and has the condition that a powder can be used for a long time, we should also pay attention to cleaning, which is the main way to ensure the performance of the product and extend their service life, especially the kitchenware. Aluminum products must be cleaned daily.

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