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Advantages of Aluminum Alloy Case

Date:2022/3/21 9:00:00

Aluminum alloy materials are emerging chassis materials in recent years. At the same thickness, aluminum alloys have higher strength than steel, so aluminum alloy chassis is lighter and stronger than steel chassis. Moreover, the aluminum alloy itself has better oxidation resistance than the steel plate, so the aluminum alloy case generally does not need to be painted. Some high-end chassis tend to be made of aluminum alloy. But aluminum alloys are not omnipotent, and aluminum alloys have some places that are not as good as steel. Here are some of the advantages of the aluminum alloy chassis.

Advantages of aluminum alloy chassis:

1. Generally speaking, aluminum alloy usually gives people a feeling of thinness and low hardness. This understanding is one-sided. After adding magnesium to the alloy, the hardness of the sheet of magnesium-aluminum alloy is greatly enhanced, compared with ordinary steel. difference. Moreover, the panel material of the high-end aluminum chassis is often several times thicker than the general steel chassis, and the degree of solidity will be higher.

2. The specific heat capacity of aluminum is higher than that of steel plate, so the heat dissipation of the all-aluminum chassis is even better. This is one of the reasons why many mini-chassis have adopted the all-aluminum casing.

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