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Aluminum alloy is inseparable from aluminum profile processing technology

Date:2022/4/13 9:21:43

Aluminum alloy is a common material in the industry. A metal that cannot be separated from our lives, whether it is a computer, a refrigerator or even an aluminum pot or an aluminum pot, is present in all aspects of our country. And aluminum profile processing needs to pay attention to many problems. Of course, aluminum alloy can not be separated from aluminum processing technology, let us introduce it to you.

1. Oxidation processing. The surface of the industrial aluminum profile is treated with silver-white oxidation, which is elegant and corrosion-resistant.

2, extrusion molding. Each type of aluminum profile has a corresponding production mold. The aluminum material is placed in the mold and extruded to form the aluminum profile you need.

3. Casting molding. Have you seen the ancient iron-making process? The casting of industrial aluminum profiles is similar to this.

4. Melting impurities. The higher the purity of aluminum, the better the performance. Therefore, the melting furnace is used to remove impurities to increase the performance of the aluminum profile.

5. Ingredients increase the hardness of the product. We know that industrial aluminum profiles are aluminum alloy profiles, aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloys, aluminum-zinc alloys, and so on. This can increase the hardness and endurance of the aluminum profile.

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